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Clients and Testimonials

     Over the past two decadees, Len Bailey's copywriting, technical writing and consulting services have helped dozens of businesses, agencies and organizations achieve their goals. Companies who have benefitted from Len's services span a wide variety of industries, including: Catalog and Direct Sales ... Collectibles and Rare Coins ... Non-profit Organizations ... Financial / Investment Publishers ... Health and Wellness Publishers ... Nutritional Supplement Distributors ... News and Political Media ... Internet Marketers ... Factory / Manufacturing Facilities ... Software Companies ... Marketing Agencies ... Government / Military Organizations ... ... and other business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) organizations. 

"A Gifted, Seasoned Copywriter Who
Never Fails to Impress..."


     "Len Bailey is a gifted, seasoned copywriter who never fails to impress. his copy is powerful, compelling, eminently readable – just the thing I needed to put many of my clients' promotions over the top. 

     "If you have the opportunity to hire Len, do NOT blow it!"

–  Clayton Makepeace, President, ResponseINK

"World-Class Persuasive Copy!"


     “Len not only knows how to write world-class persuasive copy, but also knows where all the holes are in your (or my) marketing. Len was kind enough to lend an ear to an issue I had, and his advice is worth taking notes on! Hire him today – you'll never regret it."

– Lawton Chiles, Chiles Advertising

"Tremendous Talent..."


     “Len is one of those rare creative professionals that has tremendous talents writing both promotional copy AND editorial. He can easily adapt to the voice of the person he's writing for as well as understand how to get the target audience to take action. Len can write powerful, persuasive copy in virtually any niche and you will see results.” 

– Wendy Ballou-Montes de Oca, Precision Marketing and Media, LLC

"Great Results!"


     “I recommend Len as a copywriter for internet marketing including long form sales page, opt-in pages, email auto-responders, and product launches. Len has advised me throughout the year and he has contributed tremendous value to my bottom line.”

     "Len's top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert"

– Greig Wells, Entrepreneur

"A Conscientious Professional..."


     "Len is a conscientious professional who writes excellent copy on time, on message and that motivates a reader to respond. His top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative"

–  Christopher Harris, Marketing Director at Weiss Group, Inc.

"Dynamic, Sales-Oriented Copywriter..."


     “Len is a dynamic, sales-oriented copywriter. Whether writing DM pieces, catalog or web copy, he handled them with proficiency and style — delivering measurable results.”

– Jill Kimball, B2B Marketing Manager at Littleton Coin Company


"Copy That Sells Like Gangbusters!"


     “When Len Bailey was hired by Response Ink, he was already an experienced copywriter. And he was good at what he did. But after working with superstar copywriter Clayton Makepeace for a time, Len really came into his own. His copy is detailed, compelling, and it sells like gangbusters. If you have the chance to work with him, go for it. You'll be glad you did.”

– Deanna Blanchard, Owner at Sales Writer Solutions

"Highly Recommended!"


     “Whenever Len has written copy for me at Weiss Research, he has always come up with killer concepts, executed them superbly, and delivered on time. He is also very open to collaboration, both as a contributor of ideas and as a recipient. Highly recommended!

     "Len's top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative"

– Nilus Mattive, President at Kuvera Creative LLC

"A Great Pleasure to Work With!"


     Len was a great pleasure to work with — his attitude was always one of helpfulness and creativity. His copywriting skills were top notch and his enthusiasm made it exciting to work with him on any project that came through. I would personally recommend Len as a great colleague and a sound copywriter.”

– Samantha Dube, Web Marketing Manager at Littleton Coin Company

"An Added Bonus For Any Project..."


     “Len is a detailed, thought provoking, and thorough copywriter who works as a partner to his clients. He asks the right questions, secures the correct theme, and evokes the appropriate emotions in his writing. His attention to detail and versatility is an added bonus to anyone who is fortunate to hire him for any project!”

– Jackie Stone, Director at Outside the Box Marketing and Consulting


"Consistently delivered!"


    “Over the last two years, I had the pleasure, and honor, of working with Len on multiple copywriting/design projects at ResponseInk. Ever the detailed-oriented copy guru, Len consistently delivered what I needed when, or before, I needed it. 

     "His attention to detail and quality copywriting surpassed even his ability to suggest design ideas that came to mind as he molded and fine-tuned his winning direct-response materials. I highly recommend Len for any of your results-oriented and revenue-generating copywriting needs."

–  Craig Burgwardt, Owner at Craig Burgwardt Design

""I love working with Len..."


     “I love working with Len. He’s super smart, curious as hell, full of optimistic energy and a real thinker. He has great intuition for insights; knows more about structuring creative briefs and presenting concept rivaling any ad agency. (Not surprisingly, his early copywriting beat hundreds of contenders, acing his world class apprenticeship with Clayton Makepeace.)

     “Len is the consummate gentleman. He leads clients like he’s painting a masterpiece . . . staying clear of falling into B.S. industry speak. I would love to work with him again someday"

– Tia Dobi, Copywriter


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